Polar | North America

  • Andree map of South Pole, Polynesia, Hawaii (1893)

    Andree map of the South Pole, Hawaii, and Polynesia. Attractive original factory coloring, and one of the most detailed maps of the period. One of the first examples of the more modern style of mapmaking that came to define 20th century mapmaking...


  • Blackie Map of Polar Regions and Kamchatka (1860)

    Very large, very detailed, Hand-outlined map of Polar Regions, Siberia, Vancouver Island and Kamchatka. Rare. Center fold. No rips or tears, small amount of foxing, toning on the edges. Map size 50 cm x 40 cm. by W.G. Blackie, The Imperial Atlas of...


  • Cram Map of Islands of the Atlantic (1893)

    Cram's map of islands of the Atlantic ocean. Factory coloring, well detailed.  Map size 28 cm x 22 cm. Condition very good to fine. No rips or tears, small toning at edges. From Cram's Atlas of the World, G.F. Cram, Chicago, 1893. note: the attached...