Mitchell Map of Indiana (1852)


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Mitchell and Cowperthwait map of Indiana, with county coloring. Original hand outlining and coloring.

From A New Universal Atlas of the World, containing maps of the various empires, kingdoms, states and republics of the World. By William Augustus Mitchell, one of the most notable American mapmakers of the 19th century. The early pre-1855 Mitchell editions in particular are prized for their accuracy and rarity, especially in their representations of the American West and Asia. Publisher Thomas, Cowperthwait, and co., Philadelphia.

Map size 43 cm x 35 cm.

Condition good. Minor toning at edges and spotting throughout. Minor bend on one corner (flat). Good candidate for restoration.

note: the corresponding low-quality image is for informational purpose/identification. We are happy to email a detailed, high resolution image of this item upon request. Bowing and map color shifts are from the photo. Map itself is straight, flat and uniform unless otherwise noted. Digital watermark is for copyright purposes only, and does not appear on map.

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