• Drury Map of Pennsylvania (1822)

    Drury map of Pennsylvania, with Pittsburg. Original hand coloring and outlining. From Geography for School, Upon a Plan Entirely New Atlas of Forty Luminous and Concise Maps. By Luke Drury, A. M. (USA). Publisher Miller and Hutchins,...


  • Finley Map of Pennsylvania (1827)

    Finley map of Pennsylvania, with country coloring. Original hand coloring and outlining. From The A New General Atlas, using a Complete Set of Maps, Representing the Grand Divisions of the Globe, together with the Several Empires, Kingdoms and States in...


  • Mitchell Map of Pennsylvania (1852)

    Mitchell and Cowperthwait map of Pennsylvania, with county coloring. Original hand outlining and coloring. From A New Universal Atlas of the World, containing maps of the various empires, kingdoms, states and republics of the World. By William Augustus...