• Columbian Map of Florida (1893)

    Rathbun map of Florida. Original factory coloring and outlining. From The Columbian World's Fair Atlas. By E.B. Rathbun. Published as a special edition in the Midwestern United States to commemorate the Chicago World's Fair - The World's Columbian...


  • Spofford Map of Florida (1900)

    Spofford's county map of Florida. Original map, factory coloring. Map size 36 cm x 30 cm. Condition fine. From Spofford's Cabinet Cyclopedia Atlas of the World, 1900. Mapmaker Rand McNally, USA. Early atlas from the current and 20th century map leader...


  • Tunison Map of Florida (1914)

    Tunison map of Florida. Original factory outlining and coloring, designed to mimic the style of the Johnson and Mitchell atlases of the mid 19th century. From Tunison's Peerless Universal Atlas of the World. By HC Tunison, publisher. Although an early...