Alabama|North America

  • Johnson Map of Alabama and Georgia (1863)

    Johnson's map of Alabama and Georgia. Original hand coloring and hand outlining. Steel plate engraved map.   From Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas of the World, 1863. A classic atlas from the mid-Civil War period from the United States,...


  • McNally Map of Georgia Florida Alabama (1865)

    McNally map of Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Original hand outlining and coloring. From A System of Modern Geography, comprising a description of the present state of the world and its five great divisions: America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. By...


  • Mitchell Map of Georgia and Alabama (1869)

    Mitchell's map of Georgia and Alabama. Original hand outlining and coloring from the period, steel engraved map.  Map size 37 cm x 30 cm. Condition very good to fine. Minor toning/foxing. From Mitchell's New General Atlas, 1869. One of the classic...