• Huot Map of Prussia (1867)

    Huot map of Prussia, with rail networks. Original hand outlining and coloring. From Atlas de la Geographie Universelle (description de toutes les parties du monde), nouvelle edition. By M.J.J.N. Huot, in association with Malte-Brun. Publisher Garnier...


  • Lobeck and Lotter Map of Ducatus Silesiae (1762)

    Lobeck and Lotter map of Ducatus Silesiae, including Breslau (Wroclaw).  Original hand outlining and coloring. From Atlas Geographicus Portatilis XXIX Mappis Orbis Habitibilis Regna Exhibilis. Kurzgefafste Geographie, in fich haltmed einen...


  • Stieler Map of Northeast Germany Poland (1885)

    Stieler map of the northeastern German Empire. Original factory outlining and coloring. From Adolf Stieler's Handatlas: Uber Alle Theile Der Erde Und Uber Das Weltgebaude. Updated with new findings. The Stieler maps of the late 19th century were known...