• Delamarche Map of Turkey in Europe (1835)

    Delamarche map of the European Turkish Empire of 1834. Highlights the island of Candie. Original hand outlining and coloring. From Atlas de la Geographie: Ancienne, du Moyen Age et Moderne, Adopte Par le Conseil Royal. By Felix Delmarche. Updated with...


  • Guthrie Map of Turkey in Europe (1805)

    Guthrie's map of Turkey in Europe. Hand outlining from the period. Map size 22 cm x 15 cm. Fold as issued. Condition fair to good. Minor tear at fold, minor foxing, toning on the edges and in the fold. From an Atlas to Guthrie's Geographical Grammar,...


  • Hoffensberg Map of European Turkey (1851)

    Hoffensberg's map of European Turkey, including Macedonia, Albania, Greece, and Bulgaria. Original hand outlining and coloring from the period, steel engraved map. Rare atlas and map. Map size 20 cm x 26 cm. Condition fair to good. Minor toning/foxing...