• Malte-Brun Map of Turkey, Armenia, and Kurdistan (1812)

    Detailed, Hand-outlined map of Turkey, Armenia, Kurdistan, and Syria. Map was previously framed, paper still a strong white for the period, no rips or tears. Map size 33 cm x 25 cm. by Conrad Malte-Brun, 1812. Atlas Complet du Precis de la Geographie...


  • Pluche Map of the Orient (1772)

    Pluche map of the Orient, from Asia Minor to India. Depiction of several major historical cities. Original printing and outlining, strong strike. Good candidate for coloring. From Concorde de la Geographie des differens ages, Orwage Polihume de M. Pluche...


  • Spofford Map of Turkey in Asia (1900)

    Spofford's map of Turkey in Asia. Original map, factory coloring. Map size 36 cm x 58 cm. Condition fine. Map is partitioned into two sections. each individual section 36 x 29 cm. Map can be folded to display as single unit, or separated to frame...