Central Asia|Asia

  • AK Johnston Map of Persia and Cabool (1850)

    Alexander Keith Johnston's Map of Persia and Cabool - Lithographed Edition. Also includes domains of Kholistan, Baloochistan, and Afghanistan as Cabool. Clear definitions of Sumeria and others. Original hand outlining and coloring. Steel plate engraved...


  • Drury Map of Persia and Central Asia (1822)

    Drury map of Persia, with extensive river detail and notations of cities including Cabul, Ispahan, Erivan, Bokhara, and Nathan (?). Original black and white printing. From Geography for School, Upon a Plan Entirely New Atlas of Forty Luminous and...


  • People's Map of Central Asia (1887)

    People's map of Central Asia, with Afghanistan, Turkestan and Kashmir. Original factory printing and coloring. From the People's Unrivaled Family Atlas of the World. Published by People's Publishing Company led by G.F. Cram, Chicago, 1887. Map...