Herisson Map of the Greek World and Middle East (1806)


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Herisson map of Le Monde des Grecs with Middle East detail. Original hand outlining and coloring.

From Atlas du Dictionnaire de Geographie Universelle: Ancienne, du Moyen Age et Moderne, Comparees. Updated with new findings, additions and supplements from Glot.  Published by Chez Desray, Paris.

Map size 24.5 cm x 19 cm.

Condition very good. Toning and edge folds. 

note: the corresponding low-quality image is for informational purpose/identification. Any bowing and map color shifts are from the photo. Map itself is straight, flat and uniform unless otherwise noted. Watermarked hi-res image can be sent upon request.

For those needing digital images only: a detailed, high resolution image of this map (20 MB TIFF, RAW or JPG formats, no watermark) can be purchased at a discounted rate. Please email for details. 

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